Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve lost my certificate can I get a new one?

Answer: Yes, contact your nearest Royal Life Saving Office and for a small fee you will be able to receive a copy.

Q: Can I use my Bronze Medallion from another organisation as a prerequisite for the RLS Pool Lifeguard Training Program?

Answer: You can apply to gain some skills recognition for your Bronze Medallion. Contact your nearest Royal Life Saving Office for information on how to do this.

Q: I am a qualified lifeguard from overseas. Are my qualifications valid in Australia and where can I work?

Answer: Some qualifications are recognised as being equivalent by the International Lifesaving Federation. You can gain some skills recognition but will still need to do some training in the Australian Industry Standards for areas such as Aquatic Rescues, CPR, Defibrillation, Spinal Management and Communication. Once you know where you will be located, contact your nearest Royal Life Saving Office for more information on training courses. Click here to view the ILS Equivalency table.

Q: How do I make a group booking?

Answer: Royal Life Saving runs a range of training courses for groups. Contact your nearest Royal Life Saving Office for more information on course details.

Q: My pool lifeguard qualification ran out last week. Do I have to do the full course again?

Answer: It is very important to be aware of when your qualification expires. All RLS qualifications are only valid for the period specificied at the time of training. For example a pool lifeguard certificate is valid for 12months only. Once the date of expiry has been reached then you are not current and may not be covered under your standard of training if an incident should occur. You will need to enrol in a full course or apply for skills recognition if you let your qualification expire.

Q: What is a Unit of Competency?

Answer: A Unit of Competency is one component of a qualification within a Training Package. Units of Competency can be combined within a training course or can be delivered by themselves. You can use these Units of Competency toward gaining a full qualification e.g Certificate III in Aquatics.

Q: I know my CPR qualification lasts 12months, how long does my Statement of Attainment last?

Answer: A CPR qualification maybe an Industry requirement for your job and needs to remain current as recommended by the Industry and the Australian Resuscitation Council. Once you have gained a Statement of Attainment for a Unit of Competency it cannot be reissued. It is similar to gaining a Bachelor degree. Once you have the degree you do not redo it but you may need to do ongoing professional development to remain current in line with the Industry requirements and stay up to date with any changes that may occur.

Q: I don’t want to go to a 2 day First Aid course, can I do any of the training on-line?

Answer: Yes, there are a number of flexible delivery options including e-learning available in many of the Royal Life Saving training courses. Go to the training page or contact your nearest Royal Life Saving Office for more information on course options.


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