Adult Vulnerable Swimmers

Older People

Royal Life Saving research has shown that all types of people are at risk of drowning – contrary to popular opinion.

Of the 78 fatal drowning in public pools between 2005 and 2015, almost half of those deaths were people who were born overseas; two thirds of drownings involved people with a pre-existing medical condition; 40% of drownings involved drugs (predominantly prescription); and, alcohol was a factor in 20% of drownings.

Risk factors, such as:

  • Disability
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Having a diverse background
  • Having socio-economic disadvantage

Can result in a significantly higher likelihood and/or consequence associated with aquatic-related incidents and unfortunately has lead to the needless death of many Australians in aquatic facilities.

Royal Life Saving has several programs for aquatic facilities which aim to increase awareness of vulnerabilities and assist aquatic facility operators in reducing their risk exposure, educating their staff and their patrons on aquatic risk.

  • Swim Ready
  • SwimSafe
  • Make the Right Call

Swim Ready

The Swim Ready initiative aims educate and raise awareness among people aged over 45 years about the link between the use of medication and an increased risk of drowning. Royal Life Saving have a range of marketing resources available to industry to promote across your own communication channels and to display in your facility. This includes: Video Content, Social Media, Web Content and Aquatic Centre Displays.

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SwimSafe was developed by Life Saving Victoria’s Risk and Research and Pool Safety teams in partnership with Aligned Leisure, Belgravia Leisure, Yarra City Council and the YMCA.

It is a public education campaign born out of coronial recommendations which is targeted at adult vulnerable swimmers. It is a research-based campaign which has been proven to be effective at educating both staff and patrons on the vulnerabilities of weak and non-swimmers, those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those with pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities about the hazards associated with aquatic environments.

The campaign includes a variety of marketing materials as well as online training modules for staff.

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Aqua Skills

The Aqua Skills 55+ program is a water safety and lifesaving skills initiative for older adults. It aims to encourage a healthy, independent and active lifestyle through the development of essential skills in order to participate in aquatic recreation activities safely.

This practical program covers personal survival techniques, improved swimming skills, skills to deal with emergency situations and water safety knowledge.

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