Aquatic Risk & Guidelines
For over 125 years, Royal Life Saving has provided support and guidance on best practice in aquatic risk management to government and industry reducing the occurrence and seriousness of incidents in aquatic locations.
Aquatic Risk and Guidelines

Information and services for aquatic environment owners and operators.

Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation
The GSPO is the recognised national industry standard that describes and makes recommendations as to the appropriate minimum standards of safety that should be attached to the design, ownership and operations of aquatic facilities.
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National Aquatic Workforce Report

The Australian aquatic industry continues to lead the way in recognising the skills and experience of older workers and women, with the National Aquatic Industry Workforce Report 2023 also revealing improvements in Indigenous employment rates.

The report, which was compiled by Royal Life Saving Society – Australia, presents demographic information and analysis on the key roles and make-up of the workforce across Australia and builds on research previously undertaken in 2019. With the support of the National Aquatic Industry Committee, more than 2000 workers completed the detailed survey which informed the report.

The Social, Health and Economic Value of the Australian National Aquatic Industry

The social, health and economic benefits of the aquatic industry to Australia are worth more than $9 billion.

The report, commissioned by the Royal Life Saving Society – Australia, looked at the 2 ,113 publicly accessible aquatic facilities across the country, finding almost 90 percent of Australians live within a 20-minute drive of their nearest pool.

Facility Safety Assessment
The easiest and most effective way to gain a true assessment of the level of safety and compliance within an aquatic facility.
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Safety Programs
Royal Life Saving provides a number of evidence-based risk management services and public awareness programs for waterway managers which educate staff and users on risks as well as promote safe aquatic behaviour.


The Australian Government provides significant support and funding for Royal Life Saving's drowning prevention initiatives and activities, including swimming and water safety education programs, community awareness campaigns and industry support.