Cultural Competence


We need to act

Each year too many people from our diverse communities drown. Tragically, 79% of drownings from these communities were identified as poor or non-swimmers.

Many of our migrants and refugees have had limited contact with a public swimming pool or involvement in a formal swimming program. For many, the journey to a pool may be daunting. Preparedness of the aquatic industry will help deliver a positive experience at the pool … one which results in a fun, friendly and safe experience.

To bring about effective change we need to engage all cultures – we need an aquatic resilient community, one which possesses the relevant skills and knowledge to enjoy the water in a safe way.

The Cultural Competence Program assists those working in the aquatic industry to have an understanding of the needs of communities from other countries.

Benefits for all

To deliver a consistent and modern approach to cultural engagement, Royal Life Saving is providing the Cultural Competence Program to aquatic industry staff for FREE.

Completing the program will ensure individuals gain practical skills and culturally specific knowledge that they can apply in their workplace and everyday life.

Being a Culturally Qualified Centre can assist your aquatic facility to attract new markets as well as meet growing governance and community service obligations.

So, let’s get moving. Take advantage of this free program to provide a more inclusive and socially responsible environment. A place worth visiting, a place worth telling friends and family about, a place where everyone is welcome.

How to become a Culturally Qualified Centre

You can have a Culturally Qualified Centre now

It’s free and easy to complete the program Funded by Royal Life Saving, the Cultural Competence Program is online, allowing you the freedom to complete the course when and where it suits. It should only take three hours and it’s not necessary to complete it in one go. The Program is available via the Royal Life Saving learning management system, with support to help you along the way.

Getting started

  1. Go to and click ‘Register’ to sign up for a new account.
  2. You will receive an email from containing a link to set up your password.
  3. Return to the ‘Login’ page as prompted, and login to your account.
  4. Click the ‘Browse Learning’ tab across the top of the page and then select the ‘Cultural Competence’ course.
  5. Select the green ‘Enrol’ option and then enter the ‘token code’ supplied to you by your course organiser.
  6. You can now ‘Launch’ your course.

If you have any questions contact or phone (02) 9634 3700.

If you would prefer to view a short tutorial video covering the steps above, please visit the following link:

Once Completed

On completion of the program, individuals will earn 3 CPD points from AUSTSWIM and receive a certificate of completion. Once the majority of your staff have completed the program, your Aquatic Centre will become a Culturally Qualified Centre. To promote this accolade, you will receive an ‘All are welcome’ entrance decal, as well as a badge for your website. Information displays and flyers are also available to further engage customers at your reception area.