Safety Services
Aquatic Facility Safety Assessments
The AFSA is the easiest and most effective way to gain a true assessment of the level of safety and compliance within an aquatic facility and for pool owners and operators to ensure that their facility is being managed in line with current expectations and standards.
Aquatic Facility Safety Endorsements
The RLS Aquatic Facility Safety Endorsement program has been introduced to highlight aquatic facilities achieving the highest standards in aquatic safety and risk management, with accreditation recognised as a sign of excellence within the National Aquatic Industry.
Mystery Guest Visit
The Mystery Guest Visit tests the effectiveness of a facility’s aquatic supervision plan as delivered by the Lifeguard(s) and are an ideal analysis of operational practices and staff / lifeguard behaviour.
Aquatic Facility Design Assessment
An Aquatic Facility Design Assessment should be conducted on any proposed development or refurbishment which will incorporate an aquatic environment. Taking a risk management approach, the assessment is aimed at providing expert water safety and facility design information to Councils, architects, developers, builders and management bodies.
Expert Witness Services
As the recognised authority in Australia, Royal Life Saving has been conducting research, analysis and providing expert advice to government, industry and waterway managers for over 125 years, including both sides of legal and criminal proceedings.
Critical Incident Review
Unfortunately, accidents and incidents happen in all aquatic environments. Royal Life Saving is able to investigate and audit the safety systems and processes associated with an event using its team of dedicated subject matter experts.