About Us
Royal Life Saving works to prevent drowning and facilitate healthy, active lifestyles by equipping all Australians with water safety skills.
Welcome to Royal Life Saving
We’re here to help all Australians enjoy the water safely through drowning prevention leadership, education and action. We want to bring a love of swimming and water safety education to more people in the community, especially those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate.
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Our Strategic Framework
Delivered with a commitment to data, to advocacy and to action. This is our leadership formula, though we don’t use the term ‘leadership’ lightly. Our leadership places the issue in focus, makes every effort to collaborate with openness, and recognises that solutions to big issues are best built with others.

Drowning prevention leadership
Research, policy and advocacy
Community awareness and action
Swimming, lifesaving, water safety pathway
Drowning prevention leadership abroad
Safe aquatic locations
Organisational cohesion and growth
People and culture

Community Awareness and Action
While we talk about its perils, we actually want all Australians to love and to enjoy the water safely. We advocate on a wide range of drowning prevention and water safety issues through targeted campaigns, educating communities about the risks of drowning and prevention strategies, reaching over 5 million people annually.
Campaigns and Programs
Royal Life Saving Impact - 2021 to 2022
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Awards Issued
657,708 Education and Training
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Media Reach
Over 5 million audience reach
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GSPO Subscribers
500+ Guideline Subscribers
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Research Page Views
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The Australian Government provides significant support and funding for Royal Life Saving's drowning prevention initiatives and activities, including swimming and water safety education programs, community awareness campaigns and industry support.