Water Smart
Water Smart is a classroom-based resource for teachers and schools to teach children from Foundation to Year 10 all about water safety.

Water Smart Classroom

Royal Life Saving's goal is to make every Australian kid ‘Water Smart’ so they can enjoy a lifetime of active and safe participation in aquatic sports and recreation.

Water Smart is a classroom-based resource for teachers and schools including a Water Smart Education Toolkit and a Water Smart Award Guide.

Your school can help us to achieve our goal by teaching water safety and become a Water Smart school.

Water Smart Toolkit

There’s no need to plan your lessons as we’ve done everything for you!

Curriculum materials for all years from Foundation to Year 10 are available to download and include the following items.

  • Units of work
  • Teachers' notes
  • Activity Sheets
  • Safety Tip Sheets
  • Supplementary Resources

Water Smart Award

A fun practical water safety award that’s easy for teachers to deliver in the classroom or playground.

Teach your year 4, 5 or 6 students about:

  • Dangers around aquatic environments and safe behaviours
  • Reach and throw rescue techniques
  • Basic resuscitation principles

A step-by-step guide for teachers and an achievement certificate is available.

Access to Water Smart

The Water Smart Resources and Education Toolkit are Free!

All you need to do is register yourself and nominate your school or organisation to gain access to these great resources. Resources are available in PDF or interactive whiteboard format for teachers to download and teach a unit of water safety.

Making Learning Fun

Royal Life Saving has a suite of additional classroom resources to teach children water safety in a fun and engaging both in the classroom and in the water. This allows children to work in groups or independently and share what they have learnt with the rest of the class.

Health and Physical Education Curriculum outcomes for secondary school students
Bronze e-Lifesaving
Fun homework activities to reinforce what is learnt in the classroom
Kids Zone