Swim and Survive
Royal Life Saving's Swim and Survive program ensures children all over Australia get the very best swimming and water safety education backed by over 125 years of experience in swimming and lifesaving, based on evidence-based research.
It's time to thrive with Swim and Survive

Join our pool of over 450,000 Swim and Survive kids to develop the next generation of safer, confident and competent swimmers.

Swim and Survive is a fun and dynamic swimming and water safety program that focuses on the development of swimming, personal survival, basic rescue and lifesaving skills. Swim and Survive aims to provide individuals with the required skills to lead safe and active lives in, on and around water.

No matter the level of experience, Swim and Survive is inclusive for everyone at any ability to learn these essential skills.

The comprehensive and balanced curriculum will guide learning through progressive steps, providing an opportunity to grasp the fundamental skills through to advancing to more challenging skills increasing in endurance and complexity.

Benefits of Swim and Survive

The Swim and Survive program is:

  • Backed by 125 years of Royal Life Saving history
  • Well-researched and reviewed regularly to keep it up to date
  • Aligned to the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework
  • The best avenue to achieve the National Benchmarks for swimming and water safety
  • GST-free as it meets the criteria of personal aquatic survival skills
  • Above all, fun, challenging and a channel for personal achievement

Swim and Survive Partners

We have an extensive network of Partners who provide the Swim and Survive program at their facility, through their school or at a local community venue.

National Swimming and Water Safety Framework

The Framework supports a structured and consistent understanding of swimming and water safety education across Australia.

The Framework provides three benchmarks for children at age 6, 12 and 17 years.

Swim and Survive is the best and easiest way for children to achieve the outcomes set out in the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework.

Voucher Schemes

Several schemes are available to assist with the cost of Swim and Survive lessons, including government-subsidised programs such as intensive in-term school swimming or Vacswim during school holidays. Parents and carers are advised to use these vouchers for swimming and water safety lessons.