Rock fishing

Before leaving home

  • Check the weather and water conditions before you go
  • Wear lightweight clothing and non-slip footwear such as sandals, sandshoes, with cleats to provide additional traction
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back
  • Always go with a friend or a group of people

When you get to the location

  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Look for and read the safety signs at the location
  • Ask advice from locals about the conditions
  • Spend some time observing the water conditions before fishing
  • Always take a form of communication such as a mobile phone. However, note that some remote locations have no mobile phone reception
  • Carry safety gear such as a rope and a float
  • Never turn your back on the water
  • Do not jump in if someone is washed into the water

If you end up in the water

  • If you are swept into the water by a wave, swim away from the rocks as much as possible
  • Stay calm
  • If someone is washed in, throw a rope or something that floats
  • Call emergency services by dialling Triple Zero or 112 to get help

Further information

Always go with a buddy
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