Floodwaters are an unknown entity. Even if they appear relatively shallow, it is easy to underestimate the force of the water. It only takes a few centimetres of water to shift and float a full-size car.

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in Australia.

Flooding is dangerous and can increase your risk of drowning due to:

  • Conditions changing quickly
  • Flash flooding, with intense bursts of rainfall which cause sudden and rapid movement of floodwater
  • Strong currents, which often make it difficult to tell the speed of the current in floodwater
  • Water visibility changing and hiding hazards such as submerged objects (eg, trees and fallen powerlines) and animals (eg, snakes and crocodiles)
Dangers of Floodwater
Drowning deaths each year due to flooding
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Being swept away
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Driving into floodwater
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Falling into floodwater

Why can’t I drive in floodwater?

Even if the water is not very high, it is extremely dangerous to drive in floodwater. Floodwater can hide objects underwater and the quality of the road which may have been weakened or even washed away. Drivers also underestimate the amount of force water can create to displace a car – it only requires 10 to 12 cm of water to cause a car to float.

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More people drown in inland waterways than any other location in Australia
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