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Whether as a responsible member of the community or for a lifesaving career Royal Life Saving has you covered with training opportunities both online and face to face.

Know how to respond in an emergency
Royal Life Saving trains over 30,000 Australians in first aid every year. Undertaking first aid training provides the confidence and know-how to respond appropriately and minimise harm or even save a life.
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Learn new skills

Royal Life Saving has a range of professional development courses specially designed for the aquatic industry to help you take your career to the next level.

National Aquatic Workforce Report

Published in July 2020, the report analysed employee insights relating to working life, professional development and future needs of those working in the aquatic industry.

The report highlighted the value put on professional development. In particular, employees preferred face-to-face sessions over online, noting the opportunities this provided for networking in the broader industry.

Have you got what it takes to Become a Lifeguard?

A career as a pool lifeguard brings challenges and rewards, and can lead to further job opportunities in the aquatic industry. It uses many core workplace skills such as communication, risk management, decision making, problem solving, teamwork, customer service and performing under pressure, all of which are transferable to other industry sectors. With the right qualifications, it is also a job that can take you all over Australia and the world.

Aquatic Industry Careers

Whether you are thinking of joining the aquatic industry or looking for a career change, check out our resources to help you to make the right move for you.

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