Multicultural Communities
Encouraging Multicultural Communities to Make Safe Decisions Around Water

Australia’s population is growing, both in numbers and also the diversity of our people.

Our diversity includes people from migrant refugee backgrounds, international students and overseas tourists.  We want our diverse communities to enjoy and make the most of Australia’s beautiful waterways safely.

Royal Life Saving is committed to supporting our diverse communities with water safety and swimming education that is culturally appropriate and accessible. We have developed resources in consultation and collaboration with different multicultural communities and leaders.

If you would like to collaborate with us, or don’t see your language here please contact our team at

"Make safe decisions around water" Safety Campaign

Over 2021/22, 339 people died of drowning across Australia. This is the highest number of drowning deaths in 20 years. People born overseas make up about 30% of all drowning deaths. Summer is the most common time for drowning, with rivers/creeks and beaches being the leading locations for drowning. Over 80% of drowning deaths are men.

“With summer coming up, we expect many people to travel to be with friends and family and may be visiting locations that are unfamiliar to them or at isolated or remote locations. We encourage people, especially men, to think about how they can make safe decisions when swimming, fishing and boating.”

Royal Life Saving is urging multicultural communities to make safe decisions around water this summer.

Follow these five tips to enjoy the water safely

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Don't go alone
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Always wear a lifejacket
Don't drink alcohol
Always watch your children
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Learn swimming and water safety

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